How to Regain Peace & Restore Broken Relationships

  • Build your Tribe: Most people value relationships as "highest priority,"  and would do anything  to repair them – if they only knew how.
  • Nurture your Relationships: Things we do to “fix” broken relationships aren’t working – and never will provide a lasting solution to our problems.
  • Regain your Peace: The most effective way to repair relational breaks is by gaining clarity about it and following a time-tested true model.

Forgiveness is not a simple issue. The way to grace is fraught with challenges. Common misconceptions about how to nurture fragile relationships into healthy ones -- in addition to the daunting task of extending forgiveness needlessly complicate already troubling situations.

Author-Speaker Becky Cortino provides a deep-dive look into the topic of Forgiveness and the perplexing issues surrounding it in her new book Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World.  After years of hearing heartfelt stories from others struggling with this issue—as well as pulling from her own life experiences—she takes a fresh look at why everyday methods aren't working and shows us how to move toward restoring broken relationships and regaining peace in our lives.

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