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Casting the widest tent possible, Becky speaks with candor and passion about one of life's most perplexing issues in the world -- forgiveness. This problem is so pervasive, it seems life as we've known it is fracturing into unrecognizable pieces almost daily. This tragedy is felt globally. The pain it causes negatively impacts living life fully.

"Fixing" relationship problems is a daunting challenge for most of us. The decisions we must make to deal with repairing them are agonizing. Knowing what to do or how to handle troubling matters is confusing! Too often it seems like nothing we do works. Meanwhile, the problem festers and grows. We miss the peace we used to enjoy. The unresolved issue continues to get in the way of living life, with no end to it.

One thing we know for sure, the road to forgiveness is long and winding. Writing a book about an uncomfortable subject like forgiveness is difficult, too...

It all started during the time of writing her book on forgiveness and Becky's special front row seat for several surprising chance meetings with inspiring people she'd never met before (or seen since). Each freely shared their stories of hope and healing through forgiveness with her, even before they knew she was writing a book about forgiveness. At first glance, these encounters seem like quite a "coincidence." You might wonder (as she did) if she had a flashing neon sign on her back reading "Tell Me Your Forgiveness Story -- I Want to Hear It!"

For the record, Becky doesn't believe in coincidences. Maybe you don't either. That's what makes her forgiveness book journey intriguing! There is no doubt these surprise encounters were divine appointments providing different perspectives, to address in her book.

Realizing the blessings gifted to her, Becky sat back and listened with a quiet, gentle presence to take in every word of these beautiful forgiveness stories. Throughout their telling, she was reminded of the healing power that touches all lives involved in this sacred act. These stories left an indelible mark on her writing, setting the course for her important message for audiences everywhere.

In her appearances, Becky shares gems of insight gained from hearing amazing testimonies with integrity, along with discoveries made through her deep-dive study about forgiveness. It ends with making sure the audience gains clarity on forgiveness -- understanding what it is and how to regain peace through restoration.

Based on her new book RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES IN AN UNFORGIVING WORLD, Becky's presentations and appearances are designed to be informative and motivational, filled with valuable take-away points for the audience. Many times programs spotlight or include a speaker's story (or testimony) as the centerpiece. This is not that kind of presentation.

Staying true to purpose in her book and mission, Becky's focus is on the audience and communicating the important message about forgiveness. Because the essence of her Christian Lifestyle book is about restoring broken relationships (it is not her story) -- Becky's presentation does not include a personal testimony. Her core message is about "us" -- in relationship together. Her heartfelt desire is for the audience to come away from her presentation with greater clarity about what forgiveness is, better equipped with effective solutions to begin repairing broken relationships.

Becky Cortino is an international speaker and author of “Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World. She is a speaker, author, podcaster and tightrope walker, who has written for, and her words have been published and broadcast on every form of media globally. Her first 7 books are based on ministry work she and her family participated in for over 20 years, serving through her family’s Christian Creative Arts ministries, and as ministry volunteers in the pastoral care department of a non-denominational hospital, and in the children’s care unit of a psychiatric hospital unit.

In the process of serving intergenerational groups, women, children and families, she observed an incredible range of human conditions. One of the greatest needs she saw was the shared need for improving relationships and resolving personal issues that hinder forgiving. She has experienced the challenges and blessings of forgiveness, which led her to writing her eighth book “Restoring Broken Places in an Unforgiving World."

In February, 2020 Becky established, a speaking and writing ministry of encouraging words for hurting people. She is a podcaster, blogger and multimedia creator.

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 Restoring the Broken Places Revised Edition and Author Becky Cortino

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