The Grace Daily Challenge

Forgiveness is not a simple thing. The way to grace is filled with daunting challenges, agonizing decisions and confusion. The Bible provides time-tested guidance about forgiveness and shows us how to live our best life.

Journalling The Word can help us through challenging times. Keeping a journal can help us explore complex issues like forgiveness and make valuable personal discoveries so we can free ourselves from our pain.

This forgiveness journal is designed to encourage readers' personal exploration, study, and consideration of the many facets surrounding grace. Readers can follow the order of the topics in this book or select inspiring prompts from it to write entries in their preferred journal, to accommodate their their personal style of journalling.

THE GRACE DAILY CHALLENGE JOURNAL by Becky Cortino is designed to help readers and writers explore what the Bible says about grace and finding forgiveness, as they Journal The Word:

  • Chapter introductions set the focus through a topical discussion related to forgiveness.
  • Content is presented to encourage journalling based on personal interest and study.
  • Scripture references are throughout.
  • Find out how to use journalling to enhance your life and grow your faith.
  • Learn journalling tips and ideas to make your journal personally meaningful.
  • 1,020 Bible verses organized according to topic for journalling The Word prompts.

    The truth is, every day we all have multiple opportunities to forgive others, as well as the need to ask for grace for ourselves. It's not easy is it? Are You Ready to Take The Grace Daily Challenge?
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Meet Becky.

Becky Cortino is a Christian Living Author, Presenter and Digital Creator. She has published 10 nonfiction books. 7 of her books are how-to guides, based on Christian Creative Arts ministry she and her family actively participated in for over 20 years, including nearly 14 years in a nondenominational hospital pastoral care department ministry, and children's care unit of a psychiatric hospital unit.

In the process of serving intergenerational groups, women, children and families, Becky observed an incredible range of human conditions. One of the greatest needs she saw was improving relationships and resolving personal issues that hinder true forgiveness. Becky has experienced the challenges and blessings of forgiveness.

Inspired by seeing this shared need, her 8th book RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES IN AN UNFORGIVING WORLD addresses the daunting challenges, agonizing decisions and confusion surrounding forgiveness. She shows readers how to embrace grace and release their painful bondage by mending broken relationships -- transforming all!

This book is designed as a journaling companion to RESTORING, as well as created to be a separate journaling guide on the topic of forgiveness. It is available in paperback or as a Kindle eBook.

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