NoBuddy's Personal Pinata with Becky Cortino

Hi! I'm Becky Cortino an author and speaker whose passion is sharing what I learned in my 5-year deep-dive study and writing my book Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World, PLUS 2 more years of in-depth study about relationships and forgiveness. This online course is designed to help people who want to begin living their best life by resolving relationship problems causing incredible pain.

If you're tired of being the target of a hurtful person’s

  • unwarranted ugliness
  • unwanted criticism
  • sarcastic ridicule with their latest snide remark

— you're in the right place!

You CAN Transform Your Life One Relationship at a Time!

It's hard to admit -- BUT -- continuing to live with a painful relationship ONLY makes your life more difficult... it doesn’t make you a better person. It gets in the way of being at your best and having a great life!

Instead of living the kind of life we want, we remain an easy target for a hurting person. Living your best life is worth taking the steps needed to restore the broken places, so you can transform your life!

Restoring the Broken Places by Becky Cortino Paperback and eBook

Begin Transforming Your Life NOW!

Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Relationships

with this 8-Session Course!

Relationships are challenging because things happen to complicate them. Issues and unhealthy relationships make life more difficult.

Gain effective strategies discovered in my 7 years of deep-dive study and tireless research, presented in this NoBuddy's Personal Piñata course.

This online course is designed to help you develop personal clarity over troubling issues, and move toward regaining the peace you miss in your life...

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🤕 Ever Feel Like You’re Someone’s

Personal Piñata?

Do you ever find yourself in a one-sided relationship leaving you feeling empty and hopeless? It never takes long to grow weary of being someone’s personal piñata, especially as they try to knock out all the good stuff! Sometimes these situations arise in close relationships we can’t ignore. No one should have to endure treatment like this.

Becoming a “Personal Piñatahappens when someone strikes out with a harsh word or a real zinger to ‘put you in your place’ (their view)… It could be a passive-aggressive attempt to remind you that you’re not in charge (even if you are)… or a weak show of power… a desire to hurt someone else because it’s lonely hurting all alone. Personal Piñatas serve many needs in a hurtful person’s world. Their purpose is as varied as their situation. How to deal with this?

After 5 years of research, study, writing, hearing amazing personal stories that helped me write Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World -- in addition to 2 more years of deep study on this topic -- I realized people also needed help with issues that often cause the conflict for troubled relationships and creating unwanted brokenness requiring grace.

The truth is, most common (and popular!) strategies to solve relationship issues do NOT work. If they did, we wouldn’t have the problems we do today. I wouldn’t have needed to write Restoring. I decided creating a course dealing with the painful problem of unwittingly being someone’s “Personal Piñata” was a great place to start.

The tools inside this 8-session online course will help you develop clarity and workable strategies to begin regaining control over chaos-causing relationship issues. I designed everything in this course to help you find freedom and regain the grace and peace you deserve.

The course content is presented in a straight-forward manner, but delivered in a light-hearted way (hence the “piñata” reference), because I know you just want to cut-to-the-chase and learn how to deal with these situations without being preached at! Each of the four modules includes two instructional videos, a companion workbook and a planner sheet. You will come away with greater clarity about these painful relationships, and have a personal plan to deal with hurtful people wanting to knock all the good stuff out of life.

♥️My Heart-Mission:

When I realized people needed help with issues that create a fertile environment for pain-filled relationships reliably requiring grace, I became committed to help people recognize and address them. I believe the best way to deal with painful life challenges is facing the problems head-on and calling them for what they are. Many people think they are already doing this, yet crushing relational issues persist with no end in sight.

My Broken2Breakthrough course “NoBuddy’s Personal Piñata” presents insight on how these painful relationships develop and why. In it participants can gain greater understanding about these situations, how to stop the pain and begin living their best life.

Make progress in just minutes a day!

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📝Take a Peek Inside “NoBuddy’s Personal Piñata” Course:

MODULE 1: The Piñata Life

Session 1: Personal Piñatas are Made, Not Born

Session 2: How Being a Personal Piñata Makes Life a Bust

REFLECTION: How Did I Get Here?

MODULE 2: Why Personal Piñatas Hang Around

Session 3: The Role of Personal Piñatas

Session 4: Every Personal Piñata Has This Special Ingredient

ASSESSMENT: The Real Purpose of Personal Piñatas

MODULE 3: How to Cut the Piñata String,

to Stop the Bashing Game

Session 5: Identify Opportunities to be Drawn In to Play

Session 6: How to Be NO Fun by Refusing to Play

STRATEGIZE: Opting-out of the Game

MODULE 4: The Piñata-Free Life Looks Like a

Real Party!

Session 7: Regain Your Freedom and Peace

Session 8: Live Life Like You Were Meant to Live

PLAN: Possibilities for You are Endless

💻☕️Here's How the Course Works:


Gain Clarity About Chaos-Causing Relationships and Learn How to Regain Control In Life, Through Insight-filled Instruction

Learn tried-and-true workable strategies to effectively deal with challenging personal relationships... and more, with 8 instructional video presentations!


Make the Ideas and Strategies Your Own - Writing and Journalling is a Proven Means to Learn, Process and Apply It

A companion workbook and planner sheet is included for each module. Ample space is provided for you to take notes, journal and list personal discoveries.


Jumpstart Living Your Best Through Personal Restoration and Healing by Transforming Your Life One Relationship at a Time

A planner sheet is provided for each module to help summarize what you learned in it, and to lay out plans to move forward as you apply new strategies.

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Be NoBuddy's Personal Piñata Anymore!

NoBuddy's Pinata

By Transforming Your Life NOW, Say Goodbye to UNhealthy Relationships!

We often convince ourselves we're changing things up, living boldly — that’s the easy part! The hard part is doing the right thing. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m saying it’s possible. It does take courage, boldness — but most of all commitment to take the necessary steps to repair a situation that is negatively impacting life. It can (and does) happen to anyone. We always have hope!

A change like this takes a Mindset RESET to see things as they are, and focus on how you want to transform your life to be, not as it is now.

NoBuddy's Personal Piñata private course is designed to help you embrace and move toward the positive change you want to see in your world!

I've been there too, and would love to come alongside you on this journey! Let's get started!


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NoBuddy's Personal Piñata Course with Becky Cortino

Ready to Begin Transforming Your Life NOW?

Gain clarity over troubling relationships -- Regain lost peace you deserve in your life!

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