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Live Your Best Life: How to Regain Peace & Restore Broken Relationships Book

Becky Cortino provides a deep-dive look into the topic of Forgiveness and perplexing issues surrounding it in her new book Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World. 

This book explains why it's imperative to take a fresh look at the reasons everyday methods don't work to 'fix' painful situations, shows how to move toward restoring broken relationships to regain peace in life, and how you can do this, too.

You’ll Learn:

Why Common 'Resolution' Practices Never Work: Things we often do to repair broken relationships or address personal challenges with others never provide a lasting solution. Thinking of your relationships in a different way will change your life!

How To Nurture Relationships: Most people highly value their relationships and would do anything  to repair them – if they only knew how. Common misconceptions about nurturing healthy relationships needlessly complicate troubling situations. 

How To Know When Grace is Needed and How to Forgive: Understanding what forgiveness is and is not is essential in restoring a broken relationship. Unrealistic expectations make us feel like we've failed. Loving beyond the pain is possible!

Why Gaining Clarity and Following a Tested Model Works: Understanding the most effective way to repair relational breaks and following a proven model releases the pain, regains peace in life. Broken relationships can be mended, transforming all!

"Restoring the Broken Places is true to its promise and takes the reader on a journey of transformation.”

Amy Elaine Martinez

Founder of Amy Elaine Ministries and Real Victory Radio 

"Becky Cortino's Restoring the Broken Places goes a lot deeper into the spiritual side than most other books on forgiveness. If you have been hurt (and who hasn't?), read this book.

Judy Rodman, All Things Vocal

Judy Rodman

Vocal Coach, Writer and Host of All Things Vocal blog & podcast

"Through biblical wisdom, thoughtful questions, and practical applications, Becky Cortino serves as an experienced guide on our journey to transformation."

avid Brannock, Pastor, Writer, Counselor

David Brannock

Pastor, Writer, Counselor

“In Restoring the Broken Places, Becky Cortino... reveals the true essence of forgiveness and the freedom we experience ...

Andrea Merrell, Editor and Author

Andrea Merrell

Freelance Editor, and Author of Praying for the Prodigal and Marriage: Make It or Break It 

"Restoring the Broken Places takes you through the steps needed to attain ultimate biblical forgiveness.”

Susan Neal

RN, MBA, MHS, Health and Wellness Coach, and Author of 7 Steps to Get Off Sugar

 Restoring the Broken Places Revised Edition and Author Becky Cortino

Becky Cortino

About the Author

Becky Cortino is a prolific writer and speaker whose words have appeared in a variety of publications as well as broadcast globally over every form of media. Her previous seven books are based on ministry she and her family participated in for over twenty years.

Through nearly 14 years as a pastoral care department ministry volunteer in a non-denominational hospital, the children’s care unit of a psychiatric hospital unit and in serving intergenerational groups, women, children and families in other ministries, Becky observed an incredible range of human conditions. One of the greatest needs she saw was the shared need for improving relationships and resolving personal issues that hinder forgiving. She has experienced the challenges and blessings of forgiveness.

Author-Speaker Becky Cortino provides a deep-dive look into the topic of Forgiveness and the perplexing issues surrounding it in her new book Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World. After many years of hearing heartfelt stories from others struggling with this issue—as well as pulling from her own life experiences—she takes a fresh look at why everyday methods aren't working and shows us how to move toward restoring broken relationships and regaining peace in our lives.

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