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Becky Cortino

Becky Cortino is a presenter, longtime digital creative and author of 10 books.

...and tightrope walker!

Her book Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World, is about transformation through forgiveness. 

Her newest book (#10) is: Kick Life-Wrecking Lies to the Curb! Letting Go of the Lies Keeping You From Living with Heart and Soul

Multi-platform professional writer throughout her career, creating content for clients commercially, also promoting causes, and for information campaigns.

Becky has written for, her words have been published and broadcast over every form of media. Her first 7 books are based on ministries she and her family participated in for over 20 years. 

Collaborator in Sweet To The Soul Ministry's Sweet to the Soul FAITH Magazine - Grace, for women.

She collaborated on 3 published books on the subjects of Injecting Healing Humor in Healthcare, and Herbs, for causes and nonprofits (on the national/global platform) in 2007; one on the subject of women entrepreneurs in business, published in 2016:

Collaborator on 2 books to benefit national nonprofit efforts for causes and nonprofits (on the national/global platform), beginning in 2007:

What’s Right in Healthcare, for those in the front lines of healthcare.

Herb Society of America’s Essential Guide to Growing and Cooking with Herbs, benefitting National Herb Garden (3rd reprint); available in Kindle eBook Edition.

Collaborated on a third book — for business: Behind Her Brand, Entrepreneur Edition, Volume 5.

Publishing numerous books, eBooks and websites, creating content ongoing (‘blogging’ before there were blogs!) on various topics, since 1999. Blogging officially beginning in 2004, with suitable platforms made available. Developer of 15 online training courses.

International speaker presenting on Christian Lifestyle Topics. Beginning in 1998, she presented training programs and workshops on Applied Humor Therapy in the Healthcare Setting, and Herbs online and to live audiences. She has spoken to audiences and groups of all sizes. The largest group she has presented to was an audience of 500 business community members.

Media Maker, with Professional Experience in all forms of Media: New, Social and Traditional. Hosting several internet BlogTalk Radio Shows (podcasts) and Creating Branded Videos on YouTube channels, featuring related original Niche Content, since 2008.


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