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Becky Cortino is a speaker, podcaster and author of 9 books, including:

RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES IN AN UNFORGIVING WORLD is about transformation through forgiveness.

Multi-platform professional writer throughout her career, creating content for clients commercially, also promoting causes, and information campaigns, as a paid copy writer and with a highly-regarded marketing-PR consultancy she founded.

Becky has written for, her words have been published and broadcast over every form of media. Her first 7 books are based on ministries she and her family participated in for over 20 years. 

Collaborator in Sweet To The Soul Ministry's Sweet to the Soul FAITH Magazine - Grace, for women.

Collaborator in 3 published books on the subjects of Injecting Healing Humor in Healthcare, and Herbs, for causes and nonprofits (on the national/global platform), beginning in 2007; one on the subject of women entrepreneurs in business, published in 2016.

Collaborator on 2 books to benefit national nonprofit efforts for causes and nonprofits (on the national/global platform), beginning in 2007:

What’s Right in Healthcare, for those in the front lines of healthcare.

Herb Society of America’s Essential Guide to Growing and Cooking with Herbs, benefitting National Herb Garden (3rd reprint); available in Kindle eBook Edition.

Collaborated on a third book — for business: Behind Her Brand, Entrepreneur Edition, Volume 5.

Publishing numerous books, eBooks and websites, creating content ongoing (‘blogging’ before there were blogs!) on various topics, since 1999. Blogging officially beginning in 2004, with suitable platforms made available. Developer of 16 online training courses, since 2002.

International speaker presenting on Christian Lifestyle Topics. Beginning in 1998, she presented training programs and workshops on Applied Humor Therapy in the Healthcare Setting, and Herbs online and to live audiences. She has spoken to audiences and groups of all sizes. The largest group she has presented to was an audience of 500 business community members.

Media Maker, with Professional Experience in all forms of Media: New, Social and Traditional. Hosting several internet BlogTalk Radio Shows and Creating Branded Videos on YouTube channels, featuring related original Niche Content, since 2008.

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Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World

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A published writer since before graduating high school, Becky served as a paid professional writer most of her writing career -- yes, even turning down a few jobs (online and off), along the way.

Since 1996, she has created content on the web, and began publishing books in 1999. 

Since 2002 she has created 18 online courses, digital multimedia programs and offered live training programs and workshops. 

Her writing has offered public speaking and presentation opportunities domestically and internationally. Throughout the years, she has presented to groups all sizes, with a variety of messages. Becky's presentations have ranged from small groups to business community member audiences (up to 500 in attendance). She presented workshops internationally and spoken (in real life - not virtually) in another country.

Her first 7 books are based on ministry work she and her family and have been involved in, for over 20 years. These guides were written to encourage and instruct others in Christian Creative Arts ministry. She writes nonfiction Christian Living books.

First venturing on to the web in 1984, Becky has been an active content producer and participant beginning in the mid ’90’s. She finds the digital world and its possibilities fascinating! 

In 1998, Becky established Herbal Treasures Of Hickory Hollow Web Garden, which was strolled by thousands within just a few years. Her research, presentations and writing provided rich content for her popular Herbal Treasures Garden Guides.

While always serious about work, Becky recognized a sense of humor is essential! A part of her journey took her on a meandering path of injecting Healing Humor into the Healthcare Setting, along with her family. Based on their experience, She wrote 4 books and created 12 programs on this topic, to instruct others in this needed and noble quest. She created 2 digital Christian Creative Arts programs (available on Amazon), including an edutrainment best practices video program for family entertainers cheering in the healthcare setting.

Over the course of 10 years, Becky presented training programs, coached and helped area churches, actively encouraging the Christian community to 
establish Christian Creative Arts Ministry as a regular and special event to impact lives. She wrote 2 in-depth books on the topic of establishing Christian Creative Arts Ministry, and created digital media to prepare and equip these ministries:

Creative Arts Ideas for Special Events and Insight on 4 Popular (and simple) Ministries to Consider: Gift of Heart: Impacting Lives through Christian Creative Arts

…that’s a long way from copywriting for clients, pumping out press releases, writing reports, and designing company annual reports, isn’t it?  Becky's writing journey has been an adventure!

Becky is excited at the road ahead, with her newest book (#8) now available! It's on the topic of Forgiveness.


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What: RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES Book Study with Author Becky Cortino - FREE!

When: On-demand, unlimited access for a limited time only, as part of our RESTORING Book Launch Celebration.

Where: PRIVATELY - From the comfort of your own screen (link provided).

Why: To enhance your reading and study of this book!

Not sure you can do this? Becky has stories for you...

When Becky began writing RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES, she was blessed with many conversations about forgiveness, including with faithful Christian friends confiding their personal issues, shaped by their own misconceptions and limiting beliefs about Forgiveness. For years, wherever she went, she listened to hurting hearts speak sharing Forgiveness stories seemingly randomly.

Becky realized each chance meeting was a divine appointment to show her yet another perspective she needed to hear and address in this book. And indeed she did. All the stories shared fundamentally shaped RESTORING, because no person can experience every issue. To gain a glimpse of different situations was needed to cast the widest tent possible and present the case for forgiveness.

A lot of people are hurting and many have serious relational issues they need to address. Statistics show COVID-19 has compounded personal issues and contributed to challenging relationships! In these uncertain times, people are searching for hope and they want to regain peace in their lives. So what's holding them back?

A majority of people value relationships as highest priority. They recognize relational challenges need to be addressed, yet their attempts haven’t been successful. They would do anything to “fix” their relational breaks, but are unsure how.

To regain the peace we want in our lives and to restore broken relationships, we have to do something to repair them. Restoring relationships takes dedicated effort, determination and dedication 24/7. Unfortunately the things most attempt to “fix” a broken relationship aren’t working – and never will.

2020 taught most of us is that we cannot control everything in our world. But the one thing we can always control is how we live life and regard relationships. We can choose peace or chaos, tossing about in a sea of discord, for as long as we allow. Or we can begin the daunting process of making things right, working toward restoration and living our best life. It's essential to understand what forgiveness is and what it is not. Even if we thought we knew, it's critical to learn how to give and get forgiveness. Sometimes we thought we already did this forgiveness thing, or shelved an impossible issue, but it persists. It's key to realize why forgiveness is an essential to living and how it is possible.

The most effective way to repair relational breaks is by following a tried-and-true model, with time-tested steps proven to be effective. Doesn't it seem we should have this system down by now? If we did, all would be well! Continually thinking (or saying) we have already dealt with a relational problem, doesn't make it so! You're invited to join Becky on this journey on the road to Forgiveness.

Becky's new book and this FREE Reader's Book Study program is written to help hurting, war-weary hearts find peace through Forgiveness. Would you like to join this journey to Forgiveness?

Here's how...

RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES IN AN UNFORGIVING WORLD was 5 years in the writing, research and deep-dive into the topic of forgiveness... is NOW available on AMAZON! 

JOIN THIS FREE BOOK STUDY: 1) Purchase this NEW book (paperback or Kindle eBook). 2) Register your purchase (link is in the book). FREE Study Details will be sent to you as soon as they are available -- watch your email for them.

IMMEDIATELY upon registering your book: You will receive Reader Resources created especially for you. Begin enjoying a 30-page RESTORING Reader Guide, 15-page Forgiveness Bible Verse Guide, Forgiveness Bible Verse Cards, and a Forgiveness Inspirational Music Playlist.

FORGIVENESS is Possible. You can do this. Becky would love to share this important message with you!

So... are you in?